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Burleigh Corrosion Consultants LLC (BCC) provides expert assistance for problems related to metallic corrosion or metallic failures. Dr. David Burleigh established BCC in 1993, in order to help small and large businesses solve their corrosion problems. In addition to corrosion expertise, Dr. Burleigh also provides expertise in metallurgical failure analysis (forensics).

BCC offers the following consulting services :

Corrosion Failure Analysis

Technical Assistance in Corrosion Issues

Electrochemical Analysis

Classroom Instruction in Corrosion and Metallurgy

Contact BCC by e-mail: burleigh(at)nmt(dot)edu

Mailing Address:

Dr. T. David Burleigh
Burleigh Corrosion Consultants, LLC
301 School of Mines Rd
Socorro, NM 87801 USA

corrosion - "the destructive attack of a metal by chemical or electrochemical reaction with its environment." - H.H. Uhlig

The electrochemical corrosion of steel under a drop of water. At the anode, the iron dissolution releases electrons, which travel through the metal to the cathode, where the electrons combine with oxygen and water to form hydroxyls (OH-). The presence of salt stabilizes the acidic anode and the caustic cathode by the migration of Na+ to the cathode and Cl- ions to the anode. The Fe++ cations combine with water to form H+ cations and also precipitate the red rust. (from T.D. Burleigh's class notes, "Corrosion Phenomena.")

You may view "Corrosion of Steel in a Waterdrop" at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d0LUB90uDaEm

"Corrosion of Aluminum Alloys" may be seen at

This educational video is a brief introduction into the forms and mechanisms of corrosion of aluminum alloys. This video was funded by a grant from Modern Light Metals.

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