List of Graduated Graduate Students for Academic Advisor

Professor T. David Burleigh
Materials and Metallurgical Engineering Department
New Mexico Tech, Socorro, NM 87801
(575) 835-5831
Email: thomas.burleigh(at)

Academic Advisor for the following students, their degree and graduation year, their research advisor, and their current location:
Sohrab Khlalifeh Ph.D. 2017 (Research Advisor Dr. Terry Lowe) New Mexico Tech
Amanda Kuker M.Sc. 2016 (Research Advisor Dr. George Lian) Amarillo College
Michael Brand M.Sc. 2016 (Research Advisor Dr. Don Bucholz) Los Alamos National Labs
Jacquelyn Searcy M.Sc. 2015 (Research Advisor Dr. T.D.Burleigh) Tinker Air Force Base
Mark Henry M.Sc. 2015 (Research Advisor Dr. Michael Riley) Origin Laboratories
James Eric Scheid Ph.D. 2014 (Research Advisor Dr. N.U. Deshpande) NSWC Crane
Calita Quesada M.Sc. 2014 (Research Advisor Dr. Fernando Garzon) Los Alamos National Labs
George K. Egert M.Sc. 2014 (Research Advisor Dr. T.D. Burleigh) Iris Passcal
Christian Arrington M.Sc. 2013 (Research Advisor Dr. Peter Sharma) Sandia National Labs
Colin Pelletier M.Sc. 2013 (Research Advisor Dr. Graham Walsh) RSR Corporation, Texas
Stephen R. Jimenez M.Sc. 2012 (Research Advisor Dr. T.D. Burleigh) Los Alamos National Labs
Ernesto Cortez M.Sc. 2011 (Research Advisor Dr. T.D. Burleigh) Mexico
Drew Prichard M.Sc. 2010 (Research Advisor Dr. T.D. Burleigh) Ditch Witch
Jinnan (Yacht) Zhang M.Sc. 2010 (Research Advisor Dr. Peng Zhang) Grad School
Xian Cao M.Sc. 2010 (Research Advisor Dr. Peng Zhang) Grad School
Brett C. Bedeaux Ph.D. 2009 (Research Advisor Dr. James E. Kennedy) Sandia National Labs
Ren (Sunny) Yuan M.Sc. 2006 (Research Advisor Dr. Terry Lowe) California
Mukul Renavikar M.Sc. 1997, Univ. Pitt. (Research Advisor Dr. T.D. Burleigh) Intel