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Burleigh Corrosion Consultants (BCC) offers assistance in the following corrosion-related areas:

Corrosion Failure Analysis

If a metal component fails, one needs to determine why the part failed, and what are the practical remedies to prevent it's reoccurrence. BCC can provide confidential failure analysis for all types of metallic failures, especially failures caused by corrosion. The PI's expertise include metallography, optical microscopy, electron microscopy, and literature searches. Previous successful failure analyses include:

  • pitting of aluminum aircraft wheels
  • corrosion fatigue of stainless steel hip implants
  • stray-current corrosion of copper water pipes
  • oxidation of nickel-plated autoclaves
  • erosion-corrosion of aluminum heat sinks
  • hydrogen embrittlement of a steel shaft
  • chloride corrosion of electrolytic capacitors

Technical Assistance in Corrosion Issues

If technical expertise is needed to understand corrosion problems, design corrosion resistant products, or restore corroded structures, BCC can provide such expertise. The PI's previous corrosion research areas have ranged from aluminum pitting to zirconium oxidation, from cupronickel erosion-corrosion to silver tarnishing, from steel corrosion inhibition to stainless stress corrosion cracking.

Electrochemical Analysis

Voltages and currents can be measured across, or applied to a corroding system in order to determine the corrosion rates, the cathodic and anodic reaction rates, the corrosion potentials, pitting potentials, passive current densities, or other values. BCC can provide expertise in potentiodynamic or potentiostatic measurements and interpretation, and also in electrochemical impedance spectroscopy and photoelectrochemistry.

Classroom Instruction in Corrosion and Metallurgy

Currently Dr. Burleigh is a Professor at New Mexico Tech where he teaches several semester-long courses, including "Corrosion Phenomena" and "Failure Analysis." These courses are also available through distance education. In the past, Burleigh Corrosion Consultants offered three short courses. These courses were developed by Dr. Burleigh and taught for several years through the former Continuing Education Division of the University of Pittsburgh School of Engineering. For more information on these classes, please contact BCC.

Burleigh Corrosion Consultants invites you to describe your corrosion problem and we will provide you up to ten minutes of free consultation. For complex corrosion problems, please contact BCC, describe the problem and we will provide an estimate of the cost to solve the problem.

Contact BCC by e-mail, burleigh(at)nmt(dot)edu

Mailing Address:

Burleigh Corrosion Consultants, LLC
301 School of Mines Rd
Socorro, NM 87801 USA

The dissolution of aluminum may be accelerated in the presence of chloride anions. An occluded cell leads to the formation of a dilute HCl acid.
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