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Burleigh Corrosion Consultants (BCC) was established in Murrysville, PA, in 1993 for the purpose of assisting small and large businesses solve their corrosion problems and design corrosion resistant products. In 2001, the principal investigator moved BCC to Socorro, NM, where he continued to provide expert and confidential corrosion assistance. BCC has assisted over one hundred different companies, conducted hundreds of confidential failure analyses, assisted a museum with the restoration of an aluminum structure, participated in the development of a patented cathodic paint stripping technique, and developed unique electrochemical tests for specialty products.

Principal Investigator

The founder and principal investigator, Dr. Burleigh, has worked in the field of electrochemistry and corrosion since 1982. He completed his Ph.D. in Metallurgy at M.I.T. in 1985 in the Uhlig Corrosion Lab. He continued research in passivity of metals and photoelectrochemistry at the Max-Planck-Institute for Physical Chemistry in Berlin, Germany. Dr. Burleigh worked as a Senior Engineer and Staff Engineer in the corrosion group at Alcoa Technical Center for over five years. At Alcoa he conducted failure analyses, and also designed corrosion tests for aluminum alloys and products. He is a certified "Corrosion Specialist," by NACE International, a registered "Professional Engineer" in Metallurgy in New Mexico, and is trained in "Failure Analysis" by the Materials Engineering Institute of ASM. Dr. Burleigh was a Research Associate Professor at the University of Pittsburgh where he headed an aqueous corrosion research laboratory and taught the Continuing Education Classes, "Introduction to Corrosion Science," and "Introduction to Physical Metallurgy." He is currently a Professor in the Materials and Metallurgical Engineering Department at New Mexico Tech. There he teaches several courses, including "Corrosion Phenomena" and "Failure Analysis." He has authored or co-authored five patents and over sixty publications (see PI's Publications). Dr. Burleigh was also the aluminum corrosion expert with the Aluminum Consultants Group, Inc. Please see PI's Curriculum Vitae for additional information.

Contact information for the principal investigator:

T. David Burleigh, PhD & PE
Burleigh Corrosion Consultants, LLC
301 School of Mines Rd
Socorro, NM 87801 USA

"My expertise is for hire, but my integrity is not for sale." - T.D. Burleigh